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ArtEd Activities and Workshops

ArtEd Camp awaits you!

        The ArtEd concept is based on the 16 years experience. That’s why we want that our guests to attent our workshops in which we mix spending quality time with achieving our educational targets:

1.developing the interrelation and communication abilities

2.developing the teamwork capability

3.developing the practical abilities

4. improving the spoken and written language

        Through the proposed activities for each summer, we give each pupil the possibility to express themselves, so that, in the end, their parents, their teachers and, of course, the children, will rejoice together seeing their workshop accomplishments.  

        We intertwine, each week, the sport activities with the acting, dancing, visual arts workshops. Also, the team games, the treasure hunt, karaoke and the adventure day (we learn how to survive in an extreme situation) are other ways to make our camps both fun, and usefull.

Fine Arts

Adventure Day

Clay Moulding



Photo Workshop

Drama and Theater




Adventure Park

Tresure Hunt

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