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Parents Info

ArtEd Complex - first private touristic complex exclusively for children and non-formal educational activities

Please take a couple of minutes of your time to read the following lines and see the things that matter to parents when choosing their child’s camp. We are sure that there are things that can be improved, so please send us your suggestions at office@arted.ro. First of all, we present you all ArtEd Complex’s operating notices, to convince you that we work perfectly legal.  The Arted Complex construction began in 2007 and ended in 2009. From the begining, it was designed to host Camp ArtEd so that all the investments followed the ArtEd concept, to provide children a safe space with much potential to serve personal development programmes we organize here. Parents are interested that, when choosing a camp for their child, they should be sure that all services have high quality: accommodation, meals educational program, security.

We invite you to a tour of the ArtEd Complex  in which we will present you the ArtEd concept of education from all perspectives above.


The ArtEd programme’s objectives


Developing the Interrelation and Communication Abilities


Developing the Teamwork Capability


Developing the Practical Abilities


Improving the Spoken and Written Language

The Acommodation

– All the rooms of the ArtEd Complex have doors and windows that can only be opened upwards, in this way we limit the balcony access and all the perils that it could represent (for the children, the balcony is a dangerous playground, not a relaxing area).

-All the big windows and the glass of all the doors have been secured with a special foil, that keeps the glass together, in case of an accident

-Most of the beds are modular, made of light materials (cloth, foam), decreasing the risk of accidental injuries

-The bathroom furniture is not made of glass or other materials that can easily break, leading to accidental cuts

-There are no glass lamps, glasses, vases or pictures in the rooms; we supply disposable plastic glasses every day

-The rooms are not fitted with TVs. The organized activities throughout the week will keep the children busy all day, playing as much as possible outside, enjoying the fresh, mountain air with their friends and making new ones. Even when the weather is rainy, we organize indoor common activities for the entire group.

-We clean the rooms daily, with the emphasis on the bathrooms, both in the apartments and common spaces. The professional cleaning products insure high levels of hygiene.

-The beddings are put through a cycle that eliminates the possibility of transmitting diseases: washing at 90 degrees Celsius, drying in a professional drier at high temperatures (90-100 degrees) and ironing in a professional mangle at 125 degrees. All these thermic treatments are made on site, without the risk of contamination during transport.

-The hot water and heating systems are on-site and non-stop.

-The teachers are accommodated in the same building as the children; we make sure that on each level there are at least two teachers and ArtEd personnel.

The Meals

-All the meals are  served in our own restaurant, and the food is cooked in our kitchen.

-We supply the foodstuff weekly, for each group; we don’t keep the foodstuff in storage for more than 7 days. All the foodstuff is bought from our suppliers, Metro and Selgros; they are certified and guaranteed for their quality.

-Our personnel is medically tested, according to the laws in place, their health bulletins and analyses are completed periodical

-The food preparation unit, in our kitchen, has professional cooking machines

-The cleaning is done with professional products: the dishes are washed in the professional dishwasher (the high temperature programs make it impossible the spread of diseases)

-The menu is created in accordance with a nutritional specialist, in order to make sure that the right amount of calories are provided. We emphasise that the food is mostly cooked in the oven and not deep fried in oil.

The Educational Program

-From the beginning of the construction project, we allocated generous spaces for the workshops: 3 halls of aprox. 40 square meters, 1 hall of aprox, 60 square meters, 1 performance hall of aprox. 250 square meters and 150 places that has professional performance lighting, professional sound, video projector and professional camera.

-The story-telling cabin: an old, traditional  cabin, transformed in the plastic arts workshop, inside our yard

-The camp yard, surrounded with fences, has aprox. 12000 square meters, is an ideal playing ground with no perils

-The adventure park: 3 zip-lines, a climbing wall, 3 mobile decks, a hexagon with balance games. All the equipment is certified, and fulfills the highest safety measures, the materials are of top quality.

-All the camp’s activities are video and photo documented, the final DVD that the children receive has a vast selection of all the activities during one week.

The Childen Safety and Security

-A contract with a private medical office for first aid.

-The access in the camp’s yard in made through a single gate, that has video surveillance and limits the access to authorized personnel. On arrival, the teachers receive a gate access card that they can use when they are going out for a walk with the children.

-9 cameras surveillance system  for the yard and food production unit.

-Emergency electrical generator, making the camp independent of the electrical network faults. Thereby, the daily activities, meals and children’s program will not modify because of an energy blackout. This way, we avoid the panic that might appear in a blackout instance.

-The vending machines are in the camp, this way we make sure that no children have to cross any road or walk a long way to buy certain products (juice, water, ice cream, souvenirs)

-The camp is far away from any road access; the parking is separated from the rest of the yard by a fence and gate.

-During the camp, no other tourist has room access, nor restaurant access.

-The camp’s yard is not a pathway to any touristic objectives (mountain paths, mountain cabins, monasteries).

-The visiting parents are welcome and will be granted access in the camp after they identify themselves at the main gate intercom.

-The big windows are fitted with security foil that keep the glass together, in case of an accident, limiting the risk of injury.

-The activities coordinators and the camp’s administrator live in the camp throughout the summer; they are the first responders in any unforeseen situation.

-The camp is fitted with fire extinguishers.

-The children’s access to the adventure park area is restricted unless a senior coordinator is on site.