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Turistic Complex ArtEd

The ArtEd Turistic Complex Overview

        ArtEd Turistic Complex is situated in Durău resort, at the base of Ceahlău Massif. It was inaugurated in May 2009 and it offers 17 apartments and 4 double rooms, a 120 persons capacity restaurant, 12000 square meters yard, 3 workshop halls, 1 performance hall and an adventure park (3 flying fox, 4 decks and a hexagon).

The Rooms

        The accommodation is in 37 to 54 square meters apartments, with 2 rooms and a bathroom. The housing structure is flexible, the apartments can be configured for 2,3 or 4 people, for families with children. On demand, we can configure the apartments for 6 people, this way the maximum capacity is 120. The large living room (60 square meters) is a pleasant relaxing spot, where you can play social games, we will organize jazz concerts, folk concerts, drama performances or dance nights.

The Restaurant and the Multifunctional Hall

        The touristic complex has a 120 people capacity restaurant, with a superb Ceahlău Massif panorama and a dancing room, right next to it.

        The multifunctional hall, of 250 square meters and a capacity of 150 people also has: professional lighting, professional sound system, video projector, projection screen and a professional camera. This hall can be used in team-buildings, conferences and shows.

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The Yard

         The 12000 square meters yard is closed with a fence, can be also used as a sleigh track (or skiing), as well as a playground. The touristic complex has permanent security, video surveillance and a card-based access system.

The Adventure Park

        The adventure park, situated in our yard has: 3 flying fox, 4 decks and a hexagon with balance games. We can also organize archery workshops and use the climbing wall.

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